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Prvate funding for commercial real estate transactions - Tennessee

Tennessee private lending and Hard money Loans

We help investors acquire and rehab commerical property with asset based -hard money loans in Tennessee. (specifically Nashville and Memphis and surrounding areas of growth)

We look to fund Loans on Land and other commercial property with a minimum loan of 350,000.00

Loan Types and Transactions Types

1. Loans for  foreclosures or distressed properties. (many will need repairs and quick closes , both of which banks will typically be unable to fund)
2. Loans that may include repairs, loans to LLCs and various entities on commercial property.
3. Cashout loans  on investment property , typically up to 60% LTV

Our mission is funding Tennessee hard money/privage loans for investors and placing these loans with our own capital , other private groups and individuals with which we have relationships and partnerships.We have personally invested many of our loans and investments as well. We are investors ourselves and understand the needs of the investor as well as the lender. We provide a conduit to many private investors willing to fund your acquisition and repair of investment real estate in Tennessee.


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